Below you will find our most commonly requested bird control services. We recommend a program that takes advantage of all control methods to place the maximum amount of pressure on the birds.

trapping birds

Trapping is a very effective means of reducing bird numbers in local areas. This is often a good method to start with when dealing with extremely large flocks of birds. We comply with all State, Federal and County guidelines to safely and humanely trap these birds, leaving the remaining flock healthier and more responsive to natural predators.

habitat management

Often, bird populations can be managed through minor alterations to the surrounding area. We are able to consult on existing or future plantings, to identify the possible impact of wildlife and how to best manage it. There are many options available that can make crops less susceptible to bird depredation and more inviting to their natural predators.

With Falconer

We use trained falcons and hawks to chase away nuisance birds. This is a natural way of eliminating bird problems, as it takes advantage of the predator vs. prey relationship. Birds cannot habituate to the presence of a hunting raptor without risking being caught. Falconry is a great way to quickly get a location, that is overrun by birds, under control.


Authentic Abatement offers a full range of bird control services to get rid of nuisance and damaging species of birds. We cover a variety of locations, such as vineyards, fruit and nut farms, dairies, feedlots, and oil refineries. Our team primarily use falconry, trapping, and habitat management, but we do employ a full range of control methods. We are also testing and developing new control methods to guarantee results for our clients.


Falcon chasing starlings off the grapes.